Every Realtor will place a sign in your yard and list your home on the Multiple Listing Service.  Many of them will stop there.  When you have decided that you want a Realtor who will work for their commission, contact me.

Active marketing takes time, effort, and money, so you can understand why a lot of people don't want to do it.

Typical Marketing Mix:

  • Yard Sign
  • Multiple Listing Service Listing
  • Open Houses

My Active Marketing Mix takes the Typical Marketing Mix and adds to it:

  • Internet exposure at an elevated level - homebuyers are searching online more than ever before
    • Paid Facebook ads - Micro targeting ads allow us to get your listing in front of the demographic that will BUY YOUR HOUSE!
    • Syndication on over 500 websites, including GoLyon.com and Leading Real Estate Companies of the world, our global network of brokers
    • Independent Property Website - You have a distinct URL for your listing that can lead buyers directly to your home
    • Professional HD photography for your marketing - I can't tell you how many agents take pictures of their listings with their phones!  My thumb will not be in the picture of your house!
  • Print direct mail to your neighborhood - Your neighbors talk, and now it may be to your benefit!
  • Broker Market Making - I have buyers, and other agents in my brokerage do too.  We will cross market and mine your listing against our active, pre-qualified, and motivated buyers.  Sometimes you may even have an offer before we go on the market.
  • High quality brochures for your property